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Are you a mumma who loves designing and styling your own home and wished that you could make a business out of it, helping others to have beautiful homes too? Did you study at a Design School or an online course, but then had to get another job to pay the bills, because there wasn't any work or it was too competitive? Did you get overwhelmed knowing to begin or were you a bit too scared to put yourself out there? Or are you working for someone else and you just want to work for yourself designing and styling spaces? 

Well now is the time to start your own business, work for yourself, have fun along the way with like minded women and I am going to show you how to rock your own business this year with BUSINESS CLASS!

I'm going to fast you from zero to hero in just 6 weeks, with my 6 week course and my first hand experience of working as a Designer, Stylist and Small business owner in the industry for the last 10 years! I will be sharing with you, everything that you need to start your own creative business in the best possible way!  This is EVERYTHING that they won't teach you in schools and it's the gap between start up and six figure business! I have been mentoring and coaching design graduates, small business owners and creative entrepreneurs for the last 6 years and now it's time to help you get your very own business launched in 6 just weeks! 

So are you ready to work for yourself and start a business, doing what you love this year?


WARNING You may experience a little bit of excitement knowing that your dreams can become a reality!

Over the last few years, I get asked the same question about how to start a styling business or where did I study to create a full-time Interior Styling Career in the industry! And the answer is this every single time...IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU'VE STUDIED!!!

Yep there you have it, it really doesn't matter where you've studied or if you haven't studied at all! Over the last decade since I finished my studies, I have met people who have created booming businesses, designing homes for celebrities and high profile clients without any full degree or diploma and I have met people who have done the whole 4 years of study and can't get a job that they love! They work for a firm, get stressed out, or work a 9-5 (more like 7am-7pm) job and just don't have the confidence to work for themselves or launch their own businesses.

Well I am over that, so I've created The Interior Styling Business School, to help people who either want to be Designers and Stylists to launch their own business while studying or if you've studied and just too scared to start your own business (because I get that it can be freakin scary) to support you, empower you and inspire you - along with other full-time stylists, to get you started in the best possible way! 


This is for anyone who has studied design or decorating, anyone who has renovated their own homes (I'm talking to you, you freaking talented stay at home mumma that wants to become a creative entrepreneur and start her own business) or knows the basics of styling your home and wants to actually make it a business this year! 

Starting your own business can be really scary doing it on your own. The road can feel lonely most of the time and often self doubt creeps in the way and sabotages what you truly want, which is to start your own creative business!!! I so get it!

Over the last decade, I have seen so many people that have studied courses and went onto interning for me for 6 weeks, not really knowing where to go after they've finished studying or where to begin. There's not foundational steps in place afterwards to be able to launch a streamlined Styling Business or no 'hub' or community for like minded Stylingpreneurs! Yep I am making it a thing!!!  Who wants to be a STYLINGPRENEUR with me? ;)

It's time to stop making your favourite thing to do in the world, just a hobby! You are so needed to make this world a beautiful place, help people other style their homes with your unique style and our Industry is BOOMING with the building industry blowing up, online furniture sales & home decor going through the roof! Walk past  bunnings and you know what I'm talking about! Everyone is renovating and no one has any clue what they are doing! So I am going to teach you how to get paid to do what you love this year and you will get the full support of me as your Interior Styling Business Coach!

If you haven't studied before and want to know the foundations of styling your home, you can always check out my Interior Styling Masterclass Series to get you up to scratch with the tips, tricks and basics of home styling! 


You will actually learn the most important thing in the world.


Success comes down to 80% of the stuff that's going on inside of your mind and 20% of what you actually do! So basically, the reason most people study, spend so much time and money - even giving up their old jobs in the full-time job world to study, NEVER actually go out and land their dream job -  because it all comes down to MINDSET! 

Over the last few years, I have spent around about $30 000 investing into my mindset with events, courses and coaches and I can honestly say that it's been the best money I have ever spent!!! As a creative who has suffered from severe anxiety and depression, having a strong mindset, will change all areas of your life! This is the important stuff guys and your mindset has to come first, before we can even get down to business. 

In the next step, I will be teaching you the foundations of starting your Styling Biz! From coming up with a name or using your own, through to your logo, branding, designing a basic website with images of you and your work (or your homework will be to style and capture your work.) Then through to the actual 'business basics' of registering your biz and getting your fees, templates and structure established - This is honestly the most confusing part and what I help people the most on!!! Next is your marketing plan, setting up your social media for success and really being intentional with your time and energy, so you're still have fun and attracting your ideal clients!


We are going to celebrate the end of 6 weeks together with a GRADUATION PARTY ALTOGETHER! #covidsafe2021


Support from like minded Stylists and Designers, who completely understand where you are at on the journey! We will be able to work closely together over the 6 weeks, to make sure you not only stay on track, but have fun along the way! It will take about one hour a day to watch a training video, implement the tasks and tick off the checklist - BUT HOW GOOD IS THAT FEELING! 

Each week, you will be given 1 x 60 minute training videos every Friday after at 5pm AEDT, 3 weekly x tasks to complete and a 60 minute LIVE call with the team every wednesday at 7pm AEDT, so you can ask me anything, get pumped up, motivated and back on track to finishing the course! I am your official Business Coach for your Styling Biz!!! You will also have daily support in the Business Class Community too, so you'll never have to feel alone on this journey! We are in this together!!!

At the end of the 6 weeks, IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!! Trust me, you and I will be needing a wine ;) JOKES! but honestly, how good is a celebration at the end of a journey and the start of the new one! 

I will be organising a MEMBERS GRADUATION PARTY in Sydney in March at Hotel Ravesis in Bondi and for the BUSINESS CLASS PLUS MEMBERS, you will ALSO be having a 4 hour workshop with me and my team at my very own home in Bondi Beach to create a personalised GAME PLAN for 2021! (There's a few extra bonuses in there for Business Class Plus!)

So you'll definitely be getting ALOT in this course! My goal is to make sure that you get real results at the end of the 6 weeks!

Check out some of the things you will be getting in Business Class and there's so much more that you are going to LOVE! :
Good Question ;)  that was a joke! 


I'm Crystal Bailey, close friends call me Crys or Cryssy, so feel free to call me that, but I am an Interior Designer & Stylist and solo mumma of 2 boys, London (5) and Jonny (10) living my best life in Bondi Beach! 

I am also the woman who wants to cheer you onto becoming a full-time stylist with a BOOMING Personal Brand and long term Interior Design & Styling career, getting paid doing what you LOVE, especially for some of you from your own home with the kids! I SO GET IT TO ALL THE STAY AT HOME MUMMAS, YOU ARE MY HEROES!

I grew up in a small country town called Tamworth and back then, a stylist was a hairdresser, shuffling things around the house wasn't considered a career and I had to spend a solid 10 years working at every retail store in Tamworth, from Video Ezy to Supre' to Jay Jays, while making music in a band with my family. I didn't study, do well in school and I am still to this day a study rebel. It's way more fun in the playground ;) I am getting better at studying, when it's made fun!

Deep down though, my heart just wanted to make spaces look beautiful and make people happy when they saw their spaces transformed, so I would spend all of my money raiding dollar stores and buying old furniture from op shops and painting them, to makeover rooms for people (I actually still do this to this day! HAHA! Anyone else?) I would shuffle around my bedroom everyday, styling it to perfection and pretending that I was a TV Show... little did I know that I would end up working on TV Shows such as The Living Room and Better Homes and Gardens as their Stylist! 

But yep, back to my day jobs - gosh they were tough. I sucked at working for someone else, because my ideas were always bigger than theirs and I knew I could do things better and make their spaces look beautiful with my little crazy mind! You should have seen how I used to style the video ezy displays ;)

I used to wish that this whole SHUFFLIN' thing was my full time job... so badly! But Interior Styling just wasn't a career that we got paid for - it was a hobby. So I went onto playing music, until I just knew it was time I had to get into this industry. So I bit the bullet back in 2010 and I did it! No instagram. No pinterest. No digital learning. One year of a full-time IRL Design Diploma in Sydney (IRL is in real life for those that missed it)

I spent $20 000 on a design diploma and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED???

 I fell pregnant in my first month of college to my first son, Jonny! WTH!!! Who does this? ME! Anyway, I smashed my course with a massive belly, topped my class, cried alot and gave birth to a design diploma and a baby boy. COOL NOW WHAT??? Well... it was back to a day job, because I couldn't get a job in a design firm now or work for myself with a baby at home. I tried to get a job on seek and those recruitment agencies, but it was soooooooo competitive. I cried again... I worked downstairs at the Bakery for $15 an hour cash in hand, got pretty sad to be honest and developed post natal depression, from having a baby and no career. I lost hope that I was ever going to be a designer and threw that diploma in the bin. 

So I moved back to the country for baby support, worked more day jobs, until I met someone who said that I could be a stylist and start my own business. Anyway, fast forwarding my whole life story...I've never shared this before BTW, but you gotta know where I am coming from, before you get into bed with me... I mean into a business class bed with me! ;)

I went onto making products in my kitchen sink that really rocket launched me into the business and Interiors industry - in fact this baby called Design Twins grew into a 7 figure business with 200 000 followers in 2 years all from scratch and all off instagram! Thanks insta! So this made me realise the importance of building a brand on social media, how to monetize it and create a culture. I taught several workshops, including a business school and mentored over 80 interns over the course of 4 years! Last year, I mentored over 100 women into starting their own online business and personal brand. This year, I went right into mentoring stylists into starting their own styling businesses. (I know I've had to fast forward my story, thanks for getting this far!) 

In the last 2 years of my freelance journey, I have designed spaces for some of Australia's most influential women including Lorna Jane (Lorna Jane), Lisa Messenger (Collective Hub), Jane Lu (Like minded bitches, Showpo) and  Marcia Leone (Not So Mumsy) and worked on popluar commercial spaces like The Mez Club in Byron Bay! 

So I have all the START UP SECRETS on how to launch your Design and Styling Business, without being overwhelmed, confused and scared. Also the big part I've found is having the confidence on knowing what to charge! #itsnottenpercentofthebudgetmate 

Often Designers and Stylists starting out undercharge MASSIVELY or don't even charge at all and this has to stop. It's an actual business and it's an actual skill, being able to make a space look freakin beautiful and you are one of the very few people in the world who know how to do it - especially if you are clever with making the most of spaces and saving clients money, by prioritzing what's important and working with what they have!

So now you know me... WOW you really do now, probably more than my mum, hope she read it!!! But seriously...Are you ready to trust me to help you take your business to the next level or better yet.. LAUNCH IT???

I promise we will have fun - I will make sure business is fun, because it's meant to be, otherwise how stressful is life if we can't blend them together. Don't do this journey alone, from someone who's been designing and styling spaces for 10 years, there's a community wanting to cheer you on and help you make your styling dreams a reality... and turn it into an actual business, so you can quit your day job and do what you love!!!

The question is now... ARE YOU READY???
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